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Woodanda Pavilions

Woodanda Pavilions

  • No Floor
  • Pressure Treated Wood Frame
  • 7×7 Posts
  • Arched Headers Wrapped in Tongue & Groove Boards
  • 12″ Overhang
  • 7/12 Roof Pitch
  • 2×8 Rafters
  • Exposed Rafters w/ T & G Ceiling
  • Tar Paper
  • 30Yr. Arch Shingles
  • Choose Shingle Colors
  • Custom Sizes Available
  • Factory Staining Available

Pavilion shown w/ White Stain

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How to Purchase

ceiling of pavilion

Size & DescriptionPrice
10x10 Pavilion $7,797.00
10x12 Pavilion$8,097.00
10x16 Pavilion$8,897.00
10x18 Pavilion$9,297.00
12x12 Pavilion$8,097.00
12x14 Pavilion$8,397.00
12x16 Pavilion$8,797.00
12x18 Pavilion$9,197.00
12x22 Pavilion$11,397.00
12x24 Pavilion$11,897.00
14x14 Pavilion$8,897.00
14x16 Pavilion$9,497.00
14x18 Pavilion$9,797.00
14x20 Pavilion$11,597.00
14x24 Pavilion$12,397.00
14x28 Pavilion$13,697.00
Custom Sizes AvailableCall for Pricing

Item & DescriptionPrice
Factory Stain ( Only for Wood Pavilions)+15% of Base Price
Square or Rectangle Cupola$157
Fake Dormer w/ Window$397

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