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Rectangular Vinyl Gazebo

Rectangular and Oval Gazebos

  • 4×4 pressure-treated skids
  • 2×6 pressure-treated floor joists, every 16″
  • Evergrain composite flooring
  • Pressure-treated wood frame wrapped in vinyl
  • 30″ H railing with straight spokes
  • 2×4 rafters, every 16″
  • 7/16″ roof sheathing – tar paper
  • 30-year arch shingles
  • Louvered cupola for venting
  • White vinyl color
  • Choose floor and shingle colors
  • Screen package available

Note: Gazebo shown with screen package

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Size & DescriptionPrice
8x12 Rectangle or Oval$5,697
8x14 Rectangle or Oval$6,097
8x16 Rectangle or Oval$6,597
10x12 Rectangle or Oval$6,497
10x14 Rectangle or Oval$6,897
10x16 Rectangle or Oval$7,297
10x18 Rectangle or Oval$7,697
10x20 Rectangle or Oval$8,197
12x14 Rectangle or Oval$7,497
12x16 Rectangle or Oval$7,897
12x18 Rectangle or Oval$8,197
12x20 Rectangle or Oval$9,097
12x22 Rectangle or Oval$9,797
12x24 Rectangle or Oval$10,297

Additional Gazebo OptionsPrice
Vinyl Screen Package - Includes 3' Screen DoorCall for price
Screen Under FlooringCall for price
Vinyl Benches per Ft.
( for rectangle or oval gazebos )
Call for price
Gazebo Built on SiteCall for price
Upgrade to Madison PostCall for price
Upgrade to Madison RailsCall for price
Victorian Brace (requires 2 per post)Call for price
Fan Brace (requires 2 per post)Call for price
Upgrade to Bell RoofCall for price
Upgrade to 6' Double Screen Door (will not fit in all sizes of Gazebos)Call for price
Upgrade to Ivory Color VinylCall for price
Upgrade to Metal RoofCall for price
Pet Proof ScreensCall for price
Remove RailingsCall for price
Upgrade to Cedar Shake ShinglesCall for price
Any Size Deck per Sq. Ft.Call for price
Add a Vinyl Step Call for price

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