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Vinyl Playset (Model #B66-3)

Vinyl Playset #b66-3

Playset Features & Options

  • Southern Yellow Pressure Treated Pine
  • Wrapped in Ivory Vinyl – White Avail.
  • 6’x6′ Tower w/Vinyl Peak Roof
  • Entrance Ladder & 2 Ripple Rush Slides
  • 3 Pos. A-Frame Swing Ending
  • Vinyl 5′ Rock Wall
  • 1- Ring Trapeze
  • 2 Belt Swings
  • 1 Plastic Tire Swing
  • Plastic Coated Chains
  • Choose Your Colors
  • Swing Attachments Changeable
  • Playsets are Fully Customizable
  • 20 Yr. Limited Warranty

        Playset Price: $5,306.00

Delivery & Setup Price: $197.00
(within 20 miles from store)
Add $4 per mile one-way over 20 miles

Site Prep is NOT included in Delivery
Inquire about our site prep services
( Rubber or Wood Mulch available)

How to Purchase

Optional Accessories:Price:Available Colors:
Belt Swing w/ Plastic Coated Chains$61.00Blue, Green, Red, Yellow
Full Bucket Baby Swing w/ Plastic Coated Chains$107.00Blue, Green, Red, Yellow
Buoy Ball w/ Plastic Coated Chains$167.00Blue, Green
Plastic Horse Glider w/ Plastic Coated Chains
(Fits on Monkey Bar Endings Only)
$187.00Blue, Green, Yellow
Ring Trapeze w/ Plastic Coated Chains$61.00Blue, Green, Red, Yellow
Steering Wheel$19.00Green, Yellow
Periscope$23.00Blue, Green, Yellow
14' Scoop Wave Slide$627.00Blue, Green, Yellow
Turbo Tube Slide$757.00Blue, Green, Yellow
5' Rock Wall w/ Climbing Rope$477.00Blue, Green
7' Rock Wall w/ Climbing Rope$677.00Blue, Green
Upgrade Playset Vinyl Color to White$137.00

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