KC – 3 Deluxe

This vinyl playset features a 3-position swing beam, waterfall slide, and a 5′ x 5′ tower with a canvas roof. You can order our playsets as shown or add on accessories, customize your colors, and swing options the way you want them!


Color: White PVC & Blue Accents

Playset Size: 15′ Wide x 17′ Deep x 13′ High

Recommended Playground Area: 24′ W x 28′ D

Recommended Mulch: 2 Tons Rubber Mulch

20 Year Warranty Logo.

Eco Friendly Logo

Price As Shown: $5,597.00

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KC – 3 Deluxe Vinyl Playset

The KC-3 Deluxe vinyl playset is the perfect playset for older and younger children alike and will keep them entertained for hours! This vinyl playset features a 3-position swing beam, waterfall slide, and a 5′ x 5′ tower with a canvas roof. You can order our playsets as shown or customize your colors and swing options the way you want them!

We guarantee your children hours of entertainment and exercise from Swing Kingdom’s unique combinations of towers, swings, slides, and playful accessories. We guarantee adults peace of mind by knowing Swing Kingdom places priority on safety features and the highest quality materials and construction. Built to last and designed for fun with options to grow as your child grows – it’s the only playset you’ll ever need to buy for your children!

Recommended Playground Area

24′ Wide x 28′ Deep

Site Preparation

Your yard needs to be fairly level to safely accommodate a playset. We offer services to level and lay down mulch for your new playset. For more information regarding these services please visit or call our store. (770) 792-0156

Warranty & Registration Information

Read more about Warranty Information here. Register your playset for a valid warranty and fill out the form here: Swing Kingdom Playset Registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why vinyl?

Vinyl offers superior durability and safety as well as easy upkeep. Vinyl is fade resistant, splinter free, doesn’t require staining or painting and resists wood boring insects and bees.

How do I clean my playset if it gets dirty?

Vinyl playsets are extremely low maintenance. You can easily revitalize your playset’s appearance with a garden hose, glass cleaner, and soft brush to wash away dirt and debris.

What’s under the vinyl?

Our premium play sets are constructed using pressure-treated lumber covered by heavy-duty walled vinyl. This combines the strength of wood with the easy care and safe, smooth surface of vinyl.

What makes the play sets heavy-duty construction?

In addition to pressure-treated lumber under the vinyl covering, through-bolts and steel angles create heavy-duty corner and all-around construction. Metal powder-coated brackets and stainless steel bolts, screws and chains all resist peeling and rusting.

Can I customize my play set?

Yes! Packages featured on our website show our most popular requests, and help you to visualize tower options. You can order a featured package as is, or use packages to get ideas for your custom play set.

Can swings be switched or can we add to the set later?

As your children grow, baby swings can be switched for belt swings or other bigger-kid accessories. At a later date, you can also add swing beams or other features to build out your playset to accommodate changing needs and budget planning.

Is there a risk of the play set tipping over?

Our play sets are heavyweight and will not tip over in normal wind or use. Ground anchors are also used to help secure swing beams firmly in place.

Does my yard need to be level?

Yes, your yard should be fairly level to safely accommodate a play set. You will also need to locate your play set six feet away from any structure or obstacle.

What type of surface is best for under our playset?

A shock-absorbing, protective surface, such as rubber mulch, is best for reducing the likelihood of injury from falls. Grass, dirt, carpet, or thin mats lack the ability to absorb shock; concrete, asphalt, and other hard surfaces are even more dangerous.

Site Preparation Services

We offer services to level and lay down mulch for your new playset. For more information regarding these services please visit or call our store. (770) 792-0156

Warranty & Registration

Read more about Warranty Information here. Register your playset for a valid warranty and fill out the form here: Swing Kingdom Playset Registration.



• 5′ x 5′ Towers

• Soft Grip Chains

• Easy-to-clean, fade-resistant vinyl sleeve

• Pick your colors — No charge




• Deck Height: 5′

• Playset Size: 15’W x 17’D x 13’H

• Recommended Playground Area: 24’W x 28’D

• Border: 104′

• Recommended Amount of Rubber Mulch: 2 Tons

Standard Accessories


• Flat Step Access Ladder

• Access Railing

• 5′ x 10′ Canvas Roof w/Flags

• 10′ Waterfall Slide

• 3 Position Single Swing Beam

• (2) Belt Swings

• Trapeze

• Ground Anchors (2)

• Ship’s Wheel

• Telescope


KC-3 vinyl playset layout.

Playset Warranty & Registration


Structural components such as PVC plastic lumber and wood components are covered by a 20-year warranty and all canopies, slides, metal components, swings, and accessories are warranted for 5 years from the date of original purchase. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, failure to properly maintain the product, or damage resulting from misuse or abuse of the product, additionally any acts of nature such as lightning, storms, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, or any extreme weather conditions. Also, any alteration, addition, or relocation of the product will void this warranty.

Warranty requests must be accompanied with pictures or physical evidence. Remedy of the warranty consists of repair or replacement of the defective part. Shipping or labor costs may incur an additional charge.

Playset Registration

Read more about Warranty & Registration Information here. The warranty registration form must be completed and e-signed by the original owner of the playset. A copy of the original invoice should be attached and the registration must be received by Swing Kingdom within 40 days of purchase.

Railings, Rock Walls, & Floor Boards

Poly Railings.

Our railings, rock walls, and floor boards are made from eco-friendly recycled plastic lumber. They are completely maintanence-free; no rotting, no splintering, and no painting or staining!

Structural Lumber

Pressure-Treated Beam in Vinyl Sleeve.

All timbers used on our playsets are pressure-treated lumber inside a durable vinyl sleeve.

Rust-Proof Metal Brackets

Stainless Steel Hardware.

The metal brackets utilized on our Swing Kingdom playsets are made from heavy-duty, powder-coated stainless steel. Say goodbye to rust bleeds and stains!

Stainless Steel Swing Bearings

Stainless Steel Swing Bearing.

Heavy-duty stainless steel swing bearings ensure smooth operation and prevent rust.

Stainless Steel Corner Braces

Swing Beam Brace.

The heavy-duty stainless steel corner braces and through-bolt construction provides optimal stability and durability.

Child-Safe Fasteners

Vinyl Structure End Cap.

All hardware used on our swing sets is child-safe and rust-proof stainless steel.

Vinyl Colors

Almond Color for Swing Kingdom.


White Vinyl Color.


Woodgrain Color for Swing Kingdom.


Poly Colors

Red Color for swing kingdom.


Blue Color for Swing Kingdom.


Green Color for Swing Kingdom.


Roof Options

Gable Roof in Green.

Gable Roof

Pyramid Roof in Blue.

Pyramid Roof

Canvas Roof in Green.

Canvas Roof

Double Vinyl Roof in Green.

Vinyl Roof

Swing Beam Options

2 Position Climber Beam.

2 Position Climber Beam

2 Position Swing Beam.

2 Position Swing Beam

3 Position Climber Beam.

3 Position Climber Beam

3 Position Swing Beam.

3 Position Swing Beam

4 Position Climber Beam.

4 Position Climber Beam

4 Position Swing Beam.

4 Position Swing Beam

Slide Options

14' Avalanche Slide.

14′ Avalanche Slide

10' Avalanche Slides.

10′ Avalanche Slide

10 foot Waterfall Slide.

10′ Waterfall Slide

5' Tunnel Express Slide.

5′ Tunnel Express Slide

7' Tunnel Express Slide

7′ Tunnel Express Slide

9'Tunnel Express Slide in green

9′ Tunnel Express Slide

5' Sidewinder Slide in Blue.

5′ Sidewinder Slide

7' Sidewinder Slide in Yellow.

7′ Sidewinder Slide

9' Sidewinder Slide in Green

9′ Sidewinder Slide

5' Turbo Twister Slide in Yellow.

5′ Turbo Twister Slide

7' Turbo Twister Slide in Blue.

7′ Turbo Twister Slide

9' Turbo Twister Slide in Green.

9′ Turbo Twister Slide

Swing Options

Belt Swing in Red.

Belt Swing

Buoy Ball in Blue

Buoy Ball

Trapeze Buoy Ball Combo.

Trapeze Buoy Ball Combo

Trapeze in Green.


Rubber Infant Swing in Yellow.

Rubber Infant Swing

Baby Swing in Blue.

Baby Swing

Adaptive Swing in Green.

Adaptive Swing

Hammock Swing.

Hammock Swing

Surf Swing.

Surf Swing

Web Swing.

Web Swing

Uni Rider in Blue.

Uni Rider

Dual Rider in Green.

Dual Rider

Cyclone Disc in Blue.

Cyclone Disc

2 Rope Tire Swing.

2-Rope Tire Swing

3 Rope Tire Swing with Swivel.

3-Rope Tire Swing w/Swivel

4 Rope Tire Swing.

4-Rope Tire Swing

Other Options

Ramp with Rope in red.

Ramp w/Rope

Rockwall in Red

Rock Wall

Cargo Net in Green.

Cargo Net

Warp Wall in Blue.

Warp Wall

Buzzer Beater Hoops.

Buzzar Beater Hoops

Quarter Back Challenge.

Quarter Back Challenge

Clubhouse Walls in Green.

Clubhouse Walls

Picnic Table.

Picnic Table

Lemonade Stand.

Lemonade Stand

Sandbox Cover in Blue.

Sandbox Cover

Tic Tac Toe Panel.

Tic Tac Toe Panel

Bubble Panel in Blue

Bubble Panel

Bubble Tunnel in Yellow.

Bubble Tunnel

Firepole in Yellow.


Binoculars in red.


Megaphone in Blue


Spotlight in Blue.


Telescope in Red.


Ship's Wheel in Green.

Ship’s Wheel

Steering Wheel in Yellow.

Steering Wheel