Nordic Sofa

This Nordic Sofa is handcrafted with premium, weather-proof construction. A contemporary style for your outdoor living space.

The Nordic collection is made premium marine-grade poly, a denser material than most other poly lumber.

This collection doesn’t need to be covered or stored for the winter, is easy to care for, does not require painting or staining, is built to endure harsh weather, and the colors will not fade.


74″W x 32″D x 32″H

Eco Friendly
Poly 20 Year Warranty

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Marine Grade Poly Colors

Berlin Gardens Clay Color Sample.


Berlin Gardens Graphite Color Sample.


Berlin Gardens Matte Black Color Sample.

Matte Black

Berlin Gardens White Color Sample.

Matte White

Berlin Gardens Teal Marine-Grade Poly.


Berlin Gardens Red Marine-Grade Poly.


Colors are representational only and cannot be guaranteed to be an exact color match.
Visit one of our retail locations to see actual Poly samples.

Grade A Fabrics

Berlin Gardens Berenson Tuxedo Fabric Sample.

Berenson Tuxedo

Berlin Gardens Tropical Fabric Sample.

Berlin Gardens Tropical

Berlin Gardens Brannon Redwood Fabric Sample.

Brannon Redwood

Berlin Gardens Canvas Air Blue Fabric Sample.

Canvas Air Blue

Berlin Gardens Canvas Aruba Fabric Sample.

Cast Aruba

Berlin Gardens Canvas Black Fabric Sample.

Canvas Black

Berlin Gardens Canvas Blush Fabric Sample.

Canvas Blush

Berlin Gardens Canvas Capri Fabric Sample.

Canvas Capri

Berlin Gardens Canvas Ginkgo Fabric Sample.

Canvas Ginkgo

Berlin Gardens Canvas Granite Fabric Sample.

Canvas Granite

Berlin Gardens Canvas Heather Beige Fabric Sample.

Canvas Heather Beige

Berlin Gardens Canvas Henna Fabric Sample.

Canvas Henna

Berlin Gardens Canvas Iris Fabric Sample.

Canvas Iris

Berlin Gardens Canvas Jockey Red Fabric Sample.

Canvas Jockey Red

Berlin Gardens Canvas Natural Fabric Sample.

Canvas Natural

Berlin Gardens Canvas Navy Fabric Sample.

Canvas Navy

Berlin Gardens Canvas Regatta Fabric Sample.

Canvas Regatta

Berlin Gardens Canvas Sunflower Yellow Fabric Sample.

Canvas Sunflower Yellow

Berlin Gardens Canvas True Blue Fabric Sample.

Canvas True Blue

Berlin Gardens Canvas Tuscan Fabric Sample.

Canvas Tuscan

Berlin Gardens Cast Citrus Fabric Sample.

Cast Citrus

Berlin Gardens Cast Coral Fabric Sample.

Cast Coral

Berlin Gardens Cast Horizon Fabric Sample.

Cast Horizon

Berlin Gardens Cast Lagoon Fabric Sample.

Cast Lagoon

Berlin Gardens Cast Slate Fabric Sample.

Cast Slate

Berlin Gardens Cultivate Stone Fabric Sample.

Cultivate Stone

Berlin Gardens Dolce Oasis Fabric Sample.

Dolce Oasis

Berlin Gardens Dupione Celeste Fabric Sample.

Dupione Celeste

Berlin Gardens Dupione Crimson Fabric Sample.

Dupione Crimson

Berlin Gardens Dupione Deep Sea Fabric Sample.

Dupione Deep Sea

Berlin Gardens Echo Sangria Fabric Sample.

Echo Sangria

Berlin Gardens Essential Flax Fabric Sample.

Essential Flax

Berlin Gardens Essential Sand Fabric Sample.

Essential Sand

Berlin Gardens Expand Dove Fabric Sample.

Expand Dove

Berlin Gardens Foster Surfside Fabric Sample.

Foster Surfside

Berlin Gardens Gateway Blush Fabric Sample.

Gateway Blush

Berlin Gardens Gateway Mist Fabric Sample.

Gateway Mist

Berlin Gardens Milano Char Fabric Sample.

Milano Char

Berlin Gardens Milano Cobalt Fabric Sample.

Milano Cobalt

Berlin Gardens Paradigm Stone Fabric Sample.

Paradigm Stone

Berlin Gardens Passage Poppy Fabric Sample.

Passage Poppy

Berlin Gardens Peyton Granite Fabric Sample.

Peyton Granite

Berlin Gardens Refine Cactus Fabric Sample.

Refine Cactus

Berlin Gardens Refine Ember Fabric Sample.

Refine Ember

Berlin Gardens Shore Regatta Fabric Sample.

Shore Regatta

Berlin Gardens Spectrum Coffee Fabric Sample.

Spectrum Coffee

Berlin Gardens Spectrum Denim Fabric Sample.

Spectrum Denim

Berlin Gardens Token Surfside Fabric Sample.

Token Surfside

Berlin Gardens Trusted Coast Fabric Sample.

Trusted Coast

Grade B Fabrics

Berlin Gardens Array Calypso Fabric Sample.

Array Calypso

Berlin Gardens Array Dawn Fabric Sample.

Array Dawn

Berlin Gardens Array Dune Fabric Sample.

Array Dune

Berlin Gardens Artistry Ash Fabric Sample.

Artistry Ash

Berlin Gardens Depth Citronelle Fabric Sample.

Depth Citronelle

Berlin Gardens Depth Indigo Fabric Sample.

Depth Indigo

Berlin Gardens Layer Smoke Fabric Sample.

Layer Smoke

Berlin Gardens Resonate Atlantis Fabric Sample.

Resonate Atlantis

Berlin Gardens Resonate Citronelle Fabric Sample.

Resonate Citronelle

Berlin Gardens Resonate Dune Fabric Sample.

Resonate Dune

Berlin Gardens Resonate Sangria Fabric Sample.

Resonate Sangria

Berlin Gardens Calm Graphite Fabric Sample.

Calm Graphite

Berlin Gardens Calm Laurel Fabric Sample.

Calm Laurel

Berlin Gardens Infused Gem Fabric Sample.

Infused Gem

Berlin Gardens Nurture Charcoal Fabric Sample.

Nurture Charcoal

Berlin Gardens Nurture Laurel Fabric Sample.

Nurture Laurel

Berlin Gardens Renew Earthen Fabric Sample.

Renew Earthen

Grade C Fabrics

Berlin Gardens Blox Slate Fabric Sample.

Blox Slate

Berlin Gardens Meander Lilac Fabric Sample.

Meander Lilac

Berlin Gardens Accord II Crimson Fabric Sample.

Accord II Crimson

Berlin Gardens Solana Seagull Fabric Sample.

Solana Seagull

Grade D Fabrics

Berlin Gardens Violetta Baltic Fabric Sample.

Violetta Baltic

Colors are representational only and cannot be guaranteed to be an exact color match.

Caring For Your Poly Furniture is Easy!

If you are looking for maintenance free furniture, our outdoor poly furniture is the right choice! Unlike most outdoor furniture, our poly furniture will not rot, rust or fall apart from wear, and is built to endure harsh weather. Cleaning your poly furniture regularly with a nonabrasive soap and water ensures the continued beauty of your furniture.

While most colors will only need to be cleaned a few times a year, colors like white, gray, or ivory and other lighter colors will need to be cleaned more often to maintain their original beauty. For the lighter colors, rub the furniture with a soft bristle brush and rinse off with warm, clean water. If needed, you can use a high-pressure washer; Be sure to hold the nozzle more than 12″ away from the furniture when using the pressure washer.

If your poly furniture is properly cared for, you will be able to enjoy your poly furniture for many years.

Furniture Delivery

We will deliver most new furniture completely assembled and ready for you to enjoy.

Select styles of furniture come in boxes. You will be responsible to set up and dispose of packaging material. Optionally, we will deliver these items, set them up, and dispose of packaging.

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