Rectangle Vinyl Gazebo

Rectangular gazebos maximize your living space while providing the perfect design for hot tubs and multi-purpose rooms. Our optional custom screen packages, vinyl Lite window systems, and electrical packages provide you with a unique, multi-seasonal family room.

Our gazebos are engineered to withstand strong winds and heavy snow loads. We are confident in our structures and back the Craftsmanship and materials with a ten-year limited warranty.

Gazebo As Shown:

Size: 14′ x 20′

Vinyl: Almond

Shingle Color: Weather Wood

Railings: Country Style

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Size & DescriptionCountry Style PriceColonial Style PriceBaroque Style Price
8x8 Square$7,880$8,260$8,110
8x10 Rectangle$8,480$8,880$8,720
8x12 Rectangle$9,070$9,510$9,340
8x14 Rectangle$9,660$10,120$9,940
8x16 Rectangle$10,230$10,720$10,530
10x10 Square$9,840$10,320$10,130
10x12 Rectangle$11,140$11,680$11,460
10x14 Rectangle$12,260$12,850$12,620
10x16 Rectangle$13,430$14,090$13,830
10x18 Rectangle$14,580$15,290$15,010
12x12 Square$12,980$13,610$13,350
12x14 Rectangle$14,410$15,110$14,830
12x16 Rectangle$15,890$16,670$16,350
12x18 Rectangle$17,350$18,200$17,860
12x20 Rectangle$18,880$19,810$19,440
12x24 Rectangle$21,860$22,930$22,510
14x14 Square$15,800$16,570$16,270
14x16 Rectangle$17,970$18,860$18,500
14x20 Rectangle$21,740$22,810$22,380
14x24 Rectangle$25,110$26,360$25,860
14x28 Rectangle$28,170$29,560$29,000
16x16 Square$24,660$25,870$25,390
16x20 Rectangle$30,770$32,280$31,680
16x24 Rectangle$37,480$39,330$38,590
16x28 Rectangle$43,990$46,170$45,300
16x32 Rectangle$50,580$53,080$52,080
20x20 Square$41,360$43,400$42,580
20x24 Rectangle$49,880$52,360$51,360
20x28 Rectangle$58,200$61,090$59,930
20x32 Rectangle$66,920$70,250$68,920
20x36 Rectangle$75,250$78,990$77,490
20x40 Rectangle$83,580$87,730$86,070
Composite Decking Floor

Composite Flooring


No Floor

No Floor

Includes anchor brackets on bottom of posts for anchoring to your concrete footers or patio.

Standard Composite Decking Colors

Gray Composite Deck Color Sample.


Brown Composite Deck Color Sample.


Tan Composite Deck Color Sample.


Premium Composite Decking Colors

Slate Composite Deck Color Sample.


Amberwood Composite Deck Color Sample.


Rosewood Composite Deck Color Sample.


Black Walnut Composite Deck Color Sample.


Golden Cypress Composite Deck Color Sample.


Samples are representational only and cannot be guaranteed to be an exact color match.
Visit our store to see actual composite samples.

Railing Styles

White Country Style vinyl railing.

Country Style

2″x2″ straight spindles top & bottom.

White Colonial Style vinyl railing.

Colonial Style

2″x2″ turned spindles top & bottom.

White Baroque Style vinyl railing.

Baroque Style

2″x2″ straight top spindles, & ¼”x1″ wavy bottom baluster.

White vinyl posts with no railing.

No Railing

Add your own railing to match your existing deck.

Post Styles

Standard White Vinyl Post.

Standard Post

White Turned Vinyl Post.

Turned Post

Brace Styles

White Vinyl Victorian Brace.

Victorian Brace

White Vinyl Standard Brace.

Standard Brace

Vinyl Colors

White Vinyl Color Sample.


Almond Vinyl Color Sample.


Clay Vinyl Color Sample.


Roof Styles

Standard Roof with asphalt shingles.

Standard Roof

6″ roof overhang

Standard Roof with Rubber Slate shingles and a cupola.

Standard Roof w/ Cupola

6″ roof overhang

Pagoda Roof with Cedar Shake roofing and cupola.

Pagoda Roof w/ Cupola

(Not available on Bell Roof)
6″ roof overhang

Pinnacle Roof with asphalt shingles.

Pinnacle Roof

12″ roof overhang, steeper roof pitch, & large cupola

Bell Roof with asphalt shingles.

Bell Roof

(Available on Octagon & Oval Gazebos only)
12″ roof overhang, copper finial, & arched top rails

Asphalt Shingle Colors

Dual Black Asphalt Shingle Sample.

Dual Black

Dual Brown Asphalt Shingle Sample.

Dual Brown

Earthtone Cedar Asphalt Shingle Sample.

Earthtone Cedar

Weatherwood Asphalt Shingle Sample.


Harvard Slate Asphalt Shingle Sample.

Harvard Slate

Aged Redwood Asphalt Shingle Sample.

Aged Redwood

Charcoal Gray Asphalt Shingle Sample.

Charcoal Gray

Driftwood Asphalt Shingle Sample.


Dual Gray Asphalt Shingle Sample.

Dual Gray

Rubber Slate Shingle Colors

Vinyl Gazebo w/ Pagoda Roof.
Dark Gray Rubber Slate Roofing Sample.

Dark Gray

Green Rubber Slate Roofing Sample.


Red Rubber Slate Roofing Sample.


Other Roof Options

Gazebo with Cedar Wood Shake Roof.

Cedar Wood Shakes

(Not available with Bell Roof)
Cedar shakes will be stained clear unless otherwise requested.

Gazebo Roof with No Shingles.

No Shingles

Metal Roof Options

(Not available with Bell Roof)

Example of 5V Metal Roofing.

5V Metal

Example of Standing Seam Metal Roofing.

Standing Seam Metal

Bronze Metal Roofing Color Sample.


Blue Metal Roofing Color Sample.


Red Metal Roofing Color Sample.


Green Metal Roofing Color Sample.


Screen Package

Octagon Gazebo with Screen Package.

Our screen package built to withstand years of use and being subjected to the elements. The screen frames, trim strips, and screen door are all made using high-grade aluminum.

Vinyl Gazebo with Screen Door.

White frames come standard on white gazebos, almond frames come standard on almond gazebos, and bronze frames come standard on clay & all stained gazebos.

Frame Colors

White Aluminum Sample.


Almond Aluminum Sample.


Bronze Aluminum Sample.


Electrical Package

Electrical Package Switch and Outlet.
Extra Electrical Receptacle.

Extra Receptacle

Your electrical package will include an outdoor switch and a 15amp outdoor receptacle outlet. A wire is typically installed from the base of the post to the top of the gazebo so you can add a light or ceiling fan. You will need a certified electrician to make all connections inside the electrical boxes and to your home.

Additional Options

Spindles Above the Door
Continues a uniform look.
(Standard on units 16’W and larger)

6″ Higher Posts
Provides a higher ceiling and roof line.

Stationary Skids
Permanently fastened, 4″x4″ wooden runners under Gazebo.

5″x5″ Posts
Adds a heavier look.
(Standard on units 16’W and larger)

VinyLite Windows

Vinyl Gazebo with VinyLite Windows.

VinyLite Windows in a Gazebo.

Enjoy your gazebo year-round with the VinyLite window package. These vinyl windows come with a complete screen package and door.

Demonstration of VinyLite Material Durability.

The vinyl material is strong and flexible. Even if stretched, this material will return to its original size. The window frames are made from a high grade aluminum.

Vinyl Material Colors

Clear VinyLite Material.


Bronze VinyLite Material.


Dark Gray VinyLite Material.

Dark Gray

Smoke VinyLite Material.


Frame Colors

White Aluminum Sample.


Almond Aluminum Sample.


Bronze Aluminum Sample.


Extra Doorway

Vinyl Gazebo with Extra Doorways.

Add multiple entrance points.

Screens In Floor

Screens Under Gazebo Floor.

Helps keep crawling bugs out.

Crown Molding

Vinyl Crown Molding.


Engineer Stamp.

Construction plans are certified by a licensed engineer in your state. Includes 3 sets of sealed drawings and 2 Calc Packets.

Engineer Drawing.

Gazebos are specifically designed to withstand high winds and snow loads. Conforms, but not limited to IBC 2009. All structures 16′ wide or more are built to engineered specs as standard.

Caring For Your Poly Furniture is Easy!

If you are looking for maintenance free furniture, our outdoor poly furniture is the right choice! Unlike most outdoor furniture, our poly furniture will not rot, rust or fall apart from wear, and is built to endure harsh weather. Cleaning your poly furniture regularly with a nonabrasive soap and water ensures the continued beauty of your furniture.

While most colors will only need to be cleaned a few times a year, colors like white, gray, or ivory and other lighter colors will need to be cleaned more often to maintain their original beauty. For the lighter colors, rub the furniture with a soft bristle brush and rinse off with warm, clean water. If needed, you can use a high-pressure washer; be sure to hold the nozzle more than 12″ away from the furniture when using the pressure washer.

If your poly furniture is properly cared for, you will be able to enjoy your poly furniture for many years.