Santa Fe Vinyl Pergola

Add some “wow” factor with the unique look of the Santa Fe pergola. This stylish and functional design is eye-catching, creates a shady spot, and instantly defines an outdoor space.

Our Santa Fe vinyl pergola comes with 8×8 posts and decorative post skirts. Large curved braces keep your unit solid and sturdy.

This pergola showcases heavy-duty headers on all four sides to support the roof. The roof is constructed of wood 2×8 joists and 2×3 purlins stained mahogany as standard.

Item & SizeNumber of PostsUnit Price
10x10 Pergola4$8,850
10x12 Pergola4$9,250
10x14 Pergola4$9,650
10x16 Pergola4$10,060
10x18 Pergola5$11,790
10x20 Pergola5$12,670
12x10 Pergola4$9,270
12x12 Pergola4$9,700
12x14 Pergola4$10,160
12x16 Pergola4$10,590
12x18 Pergola5$12,380
12x20 Pergola5$13,310
12x24 Pergola6$15,120
14x10 Pergola4$9,960
14x12 Pergola4$10,170
14x14 Pergola4$10,660
14x16 Pergola4$11,150
14x18 Pergola5$12,960
14x20 Pergola 5$13,990
14x24 Pergola6$15,730
14x28 Pergola6$17,450
16x10 Pergola4$10,280
16x12 Pergola4$10,840
16x14 Pergola4$11,400
16x16 Pergola4$11,940
16x18 Pergola5$13,850
16x20 Pergola5$14,980
16x24 Pergola6$17,420
16x28 Pergola6$18,750
16x32 Pergola6$19,900
18x10 Pergola4$10,730
18x12 Pergola4$11,330
18x14 Pergola4$11,930
18x16 Pergola4$12,540
18x18 Pergola5$14,470
18x20 Pergola5$15,670
18x24 Pergola6$18,220
18x28 Pergola6$19,640
18x32 Pergola6$20,880
18x36 Pergola7$23,470

EZ-Shade Canopy – Spend more time outdoors enjoying your pergola in shaded comfort