Arcadian Vinyl Pergola

The Arcadian is built for home owners who appreciate beauty in the details, our arched and curved designs create a warm, sophisticated look you'll love! The Arcadian provides an elegant backdrop for special moments.

Solid pressure-treated wood 6×6 posts sleeved in vinyl and decorative base and capital. Double 2×8 headers with pressure treated wood sleeved in white vinyl for strength and a non-sagging appearance.

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Item & SizeNumber of PostsKit Price
8x8 Pergola4$7,220
8x10 Pergola4$7,760
8x12 Pergola4$8,550
8x14 Pergola4$9,000
8x16 Pergola4$9,460
10x10 Pergola4$8,110
10x12 Pergola4$8,950
10x14 Pergola4$9,440
10x16 Pergola4$9,940
10x20 Pergola6$13,350
12x12 Pergola4$9,350
12x14 Pergola4$9,890
12x16 Pergola4$10,420
12x20 Pergola6$13,900
12x24 Pergola6$15,050
14x14 Pergola4$10,330
14x16 Pergola4$10,900
14x20 Pergola6$14,550
14x24 Pergola 6$15,770
14x28 Pergola6$17,810

EZShade Canopy

EZ Shade Canopy on Artisan Wood Pergola.

Canopy Colors

Westfield Mushroom EZShade Canopy Fabric Sample.

Westfield Mushroom

East Ridge Cocoa EZShade Canopy Fabric Sample.

East Ridge Cocoa

Grey, Black, & White EZShade Canopy Fabric Sample.

Grey, Black, & White

Black Forest Fancy EZShade Canopy Fabric Sample.

Black Forest Fancy

Navy Taupe Fancy EZShade Canopy Fabric Sample.

Navy Taupe Fancy

Heather Beige Classic EZShade Canopy Fabric Sample.

Heather Beige Classic

Burgundy, Black, & White EZShade Canopy Fabric Sample.

Burgundy, Black, & White

Dubonnett Tweed EZShade Canopy Fabric Sample.

Dubonnett Tweed

Charcoal Tweed EZShade Canopy Fabric Sample.

Charcoal Tweed

Hemlock Tweed EZShade Canopy Fabric Sample.

Hemlock Tweed

Linen Tweed EZShade Canopy Fabric Sample.

Linen Tweed

Royal Blue Tweed EZShade Canopy Fabric Sample.

Royal Blue Tweed

EZShade Curtain

EZ Shade Curtain on Alpine Pavilion.

Curtain Colors

Saylor Sepia EZShade Curtain Fabric Sample.

Saylor Sepia

Palazzo Stripe Harbor EZShade Curtain Fabric Sample.

Palazzo Stripe Harbor

Stucco EZShade Curtain Fabric Sample.


Burlap EZShade Curtain Fabric Sample.


Navy Pier EZShade Curtain Fabric Sample.

Navy Pier

Metallica Smoke EZShade Curtain Fabric Sample.

Metallica Smoke

Black EZShade Curtain Fabric Sample.


Samples are representational only and cannot be guaranteed to be an exact color match.
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