Arcadian Vinyl Pergola

The Arcadian is built for home owners who appreciate beauty in the details, our arched and curved designs create a warm, sophisticated look you'll love! The Arcadian provides an elegant backdrop for special moments.

Solid pressure-treated wood 6×6 posts sleeved in vinyl and decorative base and capital. Double 2×8 headers with pressure treated wood sleeved in white vinyl for strength and a non-sagging appearance.

Item & SizeNumber of PostsKit Price
8x8 Pergola4$5,760
8x10 Pergola4$6,180
8x12 Pergola4$6,780
8x14 Pergola4$7,160
8x16 Pergola4$7,510
10x10 Pergola4$6,480
10x12 Pergola4$7,130
10x14 Pergola4$7,530
10x16 Pergola4$7,920
10x20 Pergola6$10,610
12x12 Pergola4$7,480
12x14 Pergola4$7,900
12x16 Pergola4$8,340
12x20 Pergola6$11,110
12x24 Pergola6$12,020
14x14 Pergola4$8,300
14x16 Pergola4$8,770
14x20 Pergola6$11,690
14x24 Pergola 6$12,670
14x28 Pergola6$14,320

EZ-Shade Canopy – Spend more time outdoors enjoying your pergola in shaded comfort