Santa Fe Cedar Pavilion

The Santa Fe pavilion is available in cedar, pine, and vinyl. The large, arched braces and unique roof slope give the Santa Fe pavilion an eye-catching look. Sturdy 8×8 posts and decorative post skirts are standard.

The wooden Santa Fe pavilion comes unstained as a standard and showcases heavy-duty headers on all four sides to support the roof.

The beauty and superior quality of our structures offers that perfect destination for your friends and family to gather together to create more memories and spend quality time together.

Size & DescriptionNumber Of PostsCedar - Kit PricePine - Kit Price
10x10 Pavilion 4$9,690$7,560
10x12 Pavilion4$10,280$7,970
10x14 Pavilion4$10,890$8,390
10x16 Pavilion4$11,480$8,800
10x18 Pavilion5$14,480$10,360
10x20 Pavilion5$15,830$11,220
12x10 Pavilion4$10,290$8,020
12x12 Pavilion4$10,960$8,480
12x14 Pavilion4$11,640$8,960
12x16 Pavilion4$12,290$9,420
12x18 Pavilion5$15,360$11,050
12x20 Pavilion5$16,820$11,990
12x24 Pavilion6$19,870$13,730
14x10 Pavilion4$10,940$8,490
14x12 Pavilion4$11,680$9,020
14x14 Pavilion4$12,420$9,560
14x16 Pavilion4$13,150$10,100
14x18 Pavilion5$16,300$11,700
14x20 Pavilion5$17,870$12,820
14x24 Pavilion6$21,010$14,650
14x28 Pavilion6$23,050$16,080
16x10 Pavilion4$11,800$9,090
16x12 Pavilion4$12,650$9,720
16x14 Pavilion4$13,500$10,340
16x16 Pavilion4$14,360$10,960
16x18 Pavilion5$18,320$12,740
16x20 Pavilion5$19,360$13,910
16x24 Pavilion6$20,930$16,170
16x28 Pavilion6$22,840$17,530
16x32 Pavilion6$24,640$18,820
18x10 Pavilion4$12,440$9,560
18x12 Pavilion4$13,350$10,250
18x14 Pavilion4$14,290$10,930
18x16 Pavilion4$15,220$11,620
18x18 Pavilion5$18,540$13,450
18x20 Pavilion5$20,400$14,710
18x24 Pavilion6$22,140$17,100
18x28 Pavilion6$24,200$18,590
18x32 Pavilion6$26,120$20,020
18x36 Pavilion7$29,230$22,470

Standard Architectural Asphalt Shingle Colors*

*Asphalt shingles come standard on all gazebos

Optional Rubber Slate Shingles

Rubber Slate Shingles

Optional Metal Roofing

Regular Ribbed Metal Roof

Regular Ribbed Metal Roof

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Wood Stain Colors – Includes water repellent

Natural – No Stain (Standard for wood)

Wood Paint Colors