Grand Estate Vinyl Pavilion

Large family gatherings are a breeze with the Grand Estate Pavilion enabling you to spend the day outdoors without having to worry about the rain or sun.

There's plenty of room for an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, poolside bar, or to create a relaxing spot to entertain your friends and family.

Our Grand Estate Pavilions are available in both wood and vinyl and offer free spans up to 24' wide. These Grand Estate Pavilions offer a spacious feel and maintain a stylish look and unique appearance.

Use our exclusive, online pavilion builder to select your desired features and submit for a quote!

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Size & DescriptionNumber Of PostsKit Price
12x18 Pavilion4$23,610
12x20 Pavilion4$24,630
12x22 Pavilion4$25,650
12x24 Pavilion4$26,690
14x18 Pavilion4$24,950
14x20 Pavilion4$25,790
14x22 Pavilion4$26,860
14x24 Pavilion4$28,000
16x16 Pavilion4$24,810
16x18 Pavilion4$25,990
16x20 Pavilion4$27,110
16x22 Pavilion4$28,310
16x24 Pavilion4$29,430
18x18 Pavilion4$27,310
18x20 Pavilion4$28,530
18x22 Pavilion4$29,730
18x24 Pavilion4$30,950
20x20 Pavilion4$29,750
20x22 Pavilion4$31,140
20x24 Pavilion4$32,440
22x22 Pavilion4$32,440
22x22 Pavilion4$33,790
24x24 Pavilion4$35,090

Standard Architectural Asphalt Shingle Colors*

*Asphalt shingles come standard on all gazebos

Optional Rubber Slate Shingles

Rubber Slate Shingles

Optional Metal Roofing

Regular Ribbed Metal Roof

Regular Ribbed Metal Roof

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Wood Stain Colors – Includes water repellent

Natural – No Stain (Standard for wood)

Wood Paint Colors