Octagon Vinyl Gazebos

Are you looking for an elegant gazebo without the maintenance of traditional wood? A vinyl gazebo never needs to be re-painted or re-stained to maintain its original beauty year after year.

Our standard vinyl gazebos are made of pressure-treated southern yellow pine covered with vinyl. They are engineered to withstand strong winds and heavy snow loads.

A vinyl gazebo adds a touch of beauty and elegance to your backyard while creating an oasis for you to escape to after a long day. Your family and friends are sure to enjoy a gazebo in your backyard as much as you will!

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Roof Styles*

*Please speak with a sales associate to confirm roof style availability on your choice of gazebo.

Standard Architectural Asphalt Shingle Colors*

*Asphalt shingles come standard on all gazebos

Optional Rubber Slate Shingles

Rubber Slate Shingles

Optional Metal Roofing

Regular Ribbed Metal Roof

Regular Ribbed Metal Roof

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Choose Your Flooring

Gazebo Floor - Pressure Treated Pine

Pressure Treated Yellow Pine
(Standard For Wood)

Your Yellow Pine Floor will be stained to match your stain color choice for your gazebo. Upgrade your wood gazebo to one of the optional composite deckings below.

Composite Decking Floor

Standard Composite flooring

Standard with vinyl, optional for wood

No Floor

No Floor

Includes anchor brackets on bottom of posts for anchoring to your concrete footers or patio.

Standard Composite Decking Colors

Standard with vinyl, optional for wood.

Optional Tropical Composite Decking

Optional Cellular Vinyl Decking

Standard Wood Stain Flooring Colors

Standard with wood, optional for vinyl.

Choose Your Railing Style

Country Style

2×2 Straight spindles
top and bottom

Colonial Style

2×2 Turned spindles
top and bottom

Baroque Style

2×2 Straight top spindles
1/4″ x 1″ Wavy bottom baluster

No Bottom Rails

Add your own rails to
match your existing deck

Choose Your Post Style

Choose Your Brace Style


Our standard octagon vinyl gazebos are made of pressure-treated southern yellow pine covered with vinyl. Our heavy-duty floor consists of double 2×6 joists and 1″ thick maintenance-free composite decking boards. The posts are constructed of a white vinyl 4×4 sleeve with a solid wood core, they support 36″ high rails as standard. They come with arched corner braces and 6″ top spindles. The roof is built with double 2×4 rafters, and sheeted with beautiful 1×6 tongue & groove boards covered with roofing paper and architectural asphalt shingles. The underside of the roof is coated with a rich mahogany stain for a beautiful hardwood appearance.

1″ Thick Composite Decking

Composite decking means there’s no need to paint or stain your decking. Long-lasting color matched composite screws hold your decking in place.

Seamless Corner Caps

We use seamless corner caps to give the base of your gazebo a seamless look and high quality finish.

9″ Stabilizing Screws

This hidden, but very important part ties the roof and braces together for added lateral strength.

Reinforced Vinyl Posts

These posts give the structure the rigidity needed to weather all seasons.

Keeping Green – Environmentally Friendly

Our gazebos are hand crafted in an environmentally friendly atmosphere. Each craftsman is responsible to hand select each board and utilize the maximum value of that board. By being vigilant, we maximum the value of our natural materials. In addition, we use many recycled products. Our composite decking, rubber slate shingles and vinyl products are made from 50-80% recycled material. We then collect our scrap and send it back to be recycled again.

Quality Craftsmanship

At the heart of craftsmanship lies a strong desire to create something beautiful that will deliver long lasting satisfaction for the recipient. There is a deep feeling of gratification that comes from knowing that your efforts have produced a quality product that will be used and enjoyed for years to come.