Santa Fe Wooden Pergola

The handcrafted Santa Fe Pergola has a unique, contemporary look that will add drama and sophistication to your backyard.

Our Santa Fe Pergolas come standard with 8×8 posts and decorative post skirts. Large curved braces keep your unit solid and sturdy. This pergola showcases heavy-duty headers on all four sides to support the roof. Available in pressure-treated Southern Yellow Pine and Rough Sawn Western Red Cedar you can order your Santa Fe Pergola to fit perfectly into your backyard setting.
The roof on all models is constructed of pine 2×8 joists and pine 2×3 purlins.

Additional Accessories Available:
-Superior Posts
-Raise Posts
-Electrical Package
-Stain or Paint


Wood Stain Colors – Includes water repellent

Natural – No Stain (Standard for wood)

Wood Paint Colors

Item & SizeNumber of PostsPine PriceCedar Price
10x10 Pergola4$7,160$9,220
10x12 Pergola4$7,430$9,730
10x14 Pergola4$7,730$10,270
10x16 Pergola4$8,000$10,780
10x18 Pergola5$9,500$13,700
10x20 Pergola5$9,800$14,360
12x10 Pergola4$7,490$9,770
12x12 Pergola4$7,800$10,340
12x14 Pergola4$8,120$10,930
12x16 Pergola4$8,430$11,500
12x18 Pergola5$9,960$14,480
12x20 Pergola5$10,290$15,200
12x24 Pergola6$11,760$18,010
14x10 Pergola4$7,810$10,310
14x12 Pergola4$8,160$10,940
14x14 Pergola4$8,520$11,580
14x16 Pergola4$8,860$12,220
14x18 Pergola5$10,430$15,260
14x20 Pergola 5$10,780$16,030
14x24 Pergola6$12,260$18,910
14x28 Pergola6$13,380$20,640
16x10 Pergola4$8,330$11,740
16x12 Pergola4$8,750$12,590
16x14 Pergola4$9,160$13,430
16x16 Pergola4$9,580$14,270
16x18 Pergola5$11,210$17,510
16x20 Pergola5$11,630$18,490
16x24 Pergola6$13,610$20,120
16x28 Pergola6$14,510$21,920
16x32 Pergola6$15,340$23,600
18x10 Pergola4$10,020$14,300
18x12 Pergola4$10,540$15,350
18x14 Pergola4$11,070$16,410
18x16 Pergola4$11,580$17,460
18x18 Pergola5$13,520$21,290
18x20 Pergola5$14,050$22,490
18x24 Pergola6$16,410$24,570
18x28 Pergola6$17,540$26,820
18x32 Pergola6$18,590$28,930
18x36 Pergola7$20,910$32,430

EZ-Shade Canopy – Spend more time outdoors enjoying your pergola in shaded comfort