Hearthside Wooden Pergola

The Hearthside’s warm and sophisticated look adds charm to any backyard. Perfect for entertaining or romantic dining.

The Hearthside Pergola comes with unstained pressure-treated Southern Yellow Pine, solid laminated 5×5 posts with decorative post skirts, and 2×6 arched rafter joists utilizing engineered connection brackets for strength. The arched rafters span across the even measurement side, and 2×6 purlins with scalloped ends span the odd side. Both have notched intersections to resist warping. The triple ply 2×8 header provides strength to maintain a straight non-sagging appearance. We include anchor brackets for concrete pads and wood decks.

Additional Accessories Available:
-Superior Posts
-Higher Posts
-Attach to House
-Electrical Package
-Stain or Paint


Wood Stain Colors – Includes water repellent

Natural – No Stain (Standard for wood)

Wood Paint Colors

Item & SizeNumber of PostsUnit PriceLattice RoofPrivacy Walls - PinePrice for each
8x11 Pergola4$3,450$570Privacy Wall 11'$1,215
8x13 Pergola4$3,710$680Privacy Wall 13'$1,290
8x15 Pergola4$4,110$775Privacy Wall 15'$1,575
8x17 Pergola4$4,360$885Privacy Wall 17'$1,750
8x21 Pergola6$5,640$1,125Privacy Wall 21'$1,935
8x25 Pergola6$6,230$1,335Privacy Wall 25'$2,120
8x29 Pergola6$6,700$1,565Privacy Wall 29'$2,265
10x11 Pergola4$3,770$720
10x13 Pergola4$4,090$820
10x15 Pergola4$4,560$1,015
10x17 Pergola4$4,890$1,125
10x21 Pergola6$6,280$1,335
10x25 Pergola6$6,970$1,565
10x29 Pergola6$7,590$1,805
12x11 Pergola4$4,030$820
12x13 Pergola4$4,380$1,015
12x15 Pergola4$4,890$1,180
12x17 Pergola4$5,230$1,335
12x21 Pergola6$6,680$1,565
12x25 Pergola6$7,450$1,805
12x29 Pergola6$8,140$2,015
14x11 Pergola4$4,380$1,015
14x13 Pergola 4$4,670$1,180
14x15 Pergola4$5,200$1,390
14x17 Pergola4$5,620$1,565
14x21 Pergola6$6,980$1,805
14x25 Pergola6$7,880$2,015
14x29 Pergola6$8,590$2,255

EZ-Shade Canopy – Spend more time outdoors enjoying your pergola in shaded comfort