Painted Double Garage

The Double Garage is an elegant, yet practical storage structure that will add beauty and charm to your backyard. Choose the garage that best fits your needs with our wide range of sizes available.

The Double Garage features a 3′ door, 3 – 24″ x 36″ windows with shutters, and 2 – 9′ x 7′ Overhead Garage Door. It can be fully customized with countless available options.


Shed Accessories

Doors & Windows

Site Preparation Options

Delivery Options

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20x20$21,297.00 2 - 9x7' Overhead garage doors; 1 - 3' Pass door3 - 24"x36" windows with shutters 
 24x20  $21,997.00  2 - 9x7' Overhead garage doors; 1 - 3' Pass door3 - 24"x36" windows with shutters 
 24x24  $23,597.00  2 - 9x7' Overhead garage doors; 1 - 3' Pass door3 - 24"x36" windows with shutters 
 24x28  $26,497.00  2 - 9x7' Overhead garage doors; 1 - 3' Pass door3 - 24"x36" windows with shutters 
24x30$27,897.00 2 - 9x7' Overhead garage doors; 1 - 3' Pass door3 - 24"x36" windows with shutters 
 24x32  $29,697.00  2 - 9x7' Overhead garage doors; 1 - 3' Pass door3 - 24"x36" windows with shutters 
 24x36  $33,197.00  2 - 9x7' Overhead garage doors; 1 - 3' Pass door3 - 24"x36" windows with shutters 
Garage Construction
Foundation: Pressure-Treated 4x4s
Floor Joists: Pressure Treated 2x4s, 12″ On Center
Entrance Doors: Reinforced Door with Vinyl Perma-Trim
Door Hinges: Three 6″ Extra-Heavy Hinges per Door
Flooring: ⅝” Plywood
Side Walls: 2×4 Studs, 16″ on Center
Exterior Siding: ⅝” Painted Duratemp
Rafters: 2x4s, 16″ on Center
Roof Sheathing: ½” Plywood
Shingles: 30 Year Asphalt Shingles
Standard Features
Customize: Choose Your Layout, Siding, & Trim Colors
Garage Door: 9’x7′ Overhead Garage Door
Shutters: 3 Pairs Louvered or Panel
Warranty: 10 Year Limited Warranty
Painted Shed Construction Sketch.

Shed Heights 24′ Wide
Overall Height: 11’5″
Wall Height: 7’4″
Optional Wall Height: Up to +6″
Roof Pitch: 3/12

Ventilation Options

14' Painted Gable Vent.

Painted Gable Vent

10' Vinyl Gable Vent.

Vinyl Gable Vent

10' Garden Gable Vent.

Garden Gable Vent

8' Deluxe Gable Vent.

Deluxe Gable Vent

7' Ridge Vent.

Ridge Vent

5' Cupola.


7' Cupola w/Copper Roof.

Cupola w/Copper Roof

5' Weathervane for Cupola.

Weathervane for Cupola

Interior Options

Work Bench.

Work Bench



Wall Partition.

Wall Partition

Raise Walls.

Raise Walls

Insulate Floor.

Insulate Floor

Pressure Treated Floor.

Pressure Treated Floor

Double Floor.

Double Floor

Closer Floor Joists.

Closer Floor Joists

Door & Window Options

14' 4-Lite Fiberglass Doors.

4-Lite Fiberglass Doors

10' 6-Lite Fiberglass Doors.

6-Lite Fiberglass Doors

10' 9-Lite Fiberglass Doors.

9-Lite Fiberglass Doors

8' 11-Lite Fiberglass Doors.

11-Lite Fiberglass Doors

7' Painted Fiberglass Doors.

Painted Fiberglass Doors

5' Deluxe Doors w/Transoms.

Deluxe Doors w/Transoms

7' Deluxe Doors w/Transoms Above.

Deluxe Doors w/Transoms Above

5' Arched Wooden Door.

Arched Wooden Door

7' 24x36 Window.

24×36 Window

7' 30x36 Window.

30×36 Window

Other Options

14' Shed Ramp.

Shed Ramp

10' Sill Protector.

Sill Protector

10' Window Box.

Window Box

8' Tar Paper.

Tar Paper

14' Reverse Gable Dormer.

Reverse Gable Dormer

10' Transom Window Dormer.

Transom Window Dormer

Standard Site Prep pad for storage sheds and garages.

Standard Site Prep

Deluxe Site Preparation Pad for sheds and garages.

Deluxe Site Prep

Site Preparation

Standard Site Prep
When we do standard site prep, we remove the sod and create a level site 1′ larger than the size of the structure. We then install a 4″-6″ thick gravel foundation using “crusher-run” gravel. Slopes greater than 12″ will require an on-site assessment to determine whether any additional steps will be needed to create a level site. We back all standard site preps with a 1-Year Warranty.

Deluxe Site Prep
The deluxe site prep includes our basic site prep, plus a border made with pressure-treated 4x4s. This raises the pad slightly above ground level, which keeps the edges clearly defined while improving water drainage. We back all deluxe site preps with a 1-Year Warranty.

Note: Site Prep does not include the removal of dirt from your property. You will need a place on your property to deposit the extra topsoil. We offer dirt removal options as needed.

Structure Removal & Disposal
We offer complete removal and disposal of your old building. You are responsible to have the building empty and ready for demolition prior to our crew’s arrival.

Choose your shutter color…

…And your style.

Please see a sales associate for pricing on delivery services.

Shed/Gazebo Delivery & Install

We will deliver and place any structure you buy from us, assuming there is open access to the delivery site. We will use a pickup truck with a 26′ tilt trailer to deliver and place your structure.

We will deliver anywhere in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and South Carolina.

“Mule” Delivery

If your site has limited access and tight corners, we offer an option we call Mule Delivery. The Mule is a small walk-behind machine that will pick up one end of the structure, with the other end of the structure placed on two wheels. It only extends approximately 5 feet from the end of the building, enabling us to turn extremely tight. The Mule also handles steep inclines and soft yards very well, with minimal damage to your yard.

Shed Build-On-Site

Don’t have access for delivery of a pre-built structure? We offer Build-on-Site services for an additional charge.