3 Leg Plant Stand

  • 12″ round top
  • Made with poly lumber
  • Fade-resistant colors
  • Designed for the outdoors all year long
  • Rust-resistant fasteners

Poly 20 Year Warranty


Stand As Shown:

Stand Height: 9″ High

Poly Color: Dark Gray

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9″ High Stand 15″ High Stand
Standard Poly: $65 $72
Premium Poly: $83 $94


3 Leg Plant Stand

• Weather Resistant: No need to cover or store, our furniture is built to endure sun, snow, and salt spray. Our fasteners are chrome-plated, making them resistant to rust in high-corrosion environments.

• Maintains Color:The colors are ink-jetted the entire way throughout the poly lumber and feature built-in UV protection, making them fade-resistant.

• Low Maintainance: Our furniture is easy to care for and does not require painting or staining. Simply clean with soap and water when needed.

• Durable: Our furniture will not splinter, crack, chip, peel, or rot and is impenetrable to insects. It is designed to last for decades.

• Environmentally Friendly: Our furniture is made from recycled plastic and is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional outdoor wood furniture.

3 Leg Plant Stand.

Standard Colors

EC Woods Aruba Blue.

Aruba Blue

EC Woods Black.


EC Woods Poly Color Blue.


EC Woods Orange.

Bright Orange

EC Woods Bright Red.

Bright Red

Poly Color Sample Cardinal Red, Scarlet Red.

Cardinal Red

EC Woods Cedar.


EC Woods Cherrywood.


EC Woods Dark Gray.

Dark Gray

EC Woods Light Gray.

Light Gray

EC Woods Lemon Yellow.

Lemon Yellow

EC Woods Lime Green.

Lime Green

Milwaukee Brown.

Milwaukee Brown

EC Woods Patriot Blue.

Patriot Blue



Bright Purple.






EC Woods Tudor Brown.

Tudor Brown

EC Woods Turf Green.

Turf Green

EC Woods Weathered Wood.

Weathered Wood

EC Woods White.


Premium Woodgrain Colors

EC Woods Antique Mahogany.

Antique Mahogany

EC Woods Poly Birchwood.


EC Woods Brazilian Walnut.

Brazilian Walnut

EC Woods Coastal Gray.

Coastal Gray

Driftwood Gray.

Driftwood Gray

EC Woods Natural Teak.

Natural Teak

Poly Color Sample Seashell.


EC Woods Walnut.


Colors are representational only and cannot be guaranteed to be an exact color match.
Visit our retail location to see actual poly samples.

Caring For Your Poly Furniture is Easy!

If you are looking for maintenance free furniture, our outdoor poly furniture is the right choice! Unlike most outdoor furniture, our poly furniture will not rot, rust or fall apart from wear, and is built to endure harsh weather. Cleaning your poly furniture regularly with a nonabrasive soap and water ensures the continued beauty of your furniture.

While most colors will only need to be cleaned a few times a year, colors like white, gray, or ivory and other lighter colors will need to be cleaned more often to maintain their original beauty. For the lighter colors, rub the furniture with a soft bristle brush and rinse off with warm, clean water. If needed, you can use a high-pressure washer; be sure to hold the nozzle more than 12″ away from the furniture when using the pressure washer.

If your poly furniture is properly cared for, you will be able to enjoy your poly furniture for many years.

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