Artisan Vinyl Pergola

Our Artisan vinyl pergola comes standard with a maintenance-free vinyl top, posts, and double 2×8 headers ensure beauty that lasts season after season.

We include engineered anchor brackets for anchoring to concrete pads and wooden decks. Artisan pergolas are designed for easy, worry-free care with your family's safety and enjoyment in mind.

Use our exclusive, online pergola builder to select your desired features and submit for a quote!

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Item & SizeNumber of PostsUnit Price
8x8 Pergola4$5,380
8x10 Pergola4$5,990
8x12 Pergola4$6,370
8x14 Pergola4$6,750
8x16 Pergola4$7,560
10x10 Pergola4$6,320
10x12 Pergola4$7,050
10x14 Pergola4$7,500
10x16 Pergola4$7,940
10x20 Pergola6$9,910
12x12 Pergola4$7,580
12x14 Pergola4$8,050
12x16 Pergola4$8,530
12x20 Pergola6$10,530
12x24 Pergola6$11,690
14x14 Pergola4$8,520
14x16 Pergola4$9,010
14x20 Pergola6$11,090
14x24 Pergola 6$12,260
14x28 Pergola6$13,450
16x16 Pergola4$9,480
16x20 Pergola6$11,610
16x24 Pergola6$12,850
16x28 Pergola6$14,080
16x32 Pergola6$15,100

EZ-Shade Canopy – Spend more time outdoors enjoying your pergola in shaded comfort