Comfo-Back 44″x96″ Set

The Comfo-Back table set is perfect for dining with a group of friends or family. Its ample size will allow you to host larger groups without running out of space.

Our collections are designed with durability in mind. We use welded aluminum frames under table tops, heat-bended curved components, thicker material for support pieces, chrome plated stainless steel hardware, and fade resistant coloring throughout the lumber.

The poly lumber is made of up to 95% recycled plastics, making our furniture an eco-friendly solution, prevents bacterial growth, and is not affected by most corrosive materials. We ensure you get durable, premium quality furniture by performing extensive testing as products are designed!

Table set includes:
Garden Classic 44″x96″ Table – BGGCOT4496
2 Comfo-Back Swivel Chairs
6 Comfo-Back Chairs

Eco Friendly
Poly 20 Year Warranty