Palatian Wood Pavilion

  • Multiple Configurations
  • Exponential Length
  • Customizable Options
  • Custom Lazer Cut Brackets


Pavilion As Shown:

Size: 40′ x 26′

Wood: Southern Yellow Pine

Stain Color: Canyon Brown

Roof: Bronze Standing Seam Metal

Palatian Wooden Pavilion Pricing

Size & DescriptionNumber Of PostsKit Price
28' x 14' Pavilion
28' x 26' Pavilion
28' x 38' Pavilion
28' x 50' Pavilion
28' x 62' Pavilion
28' x 74' Pavilion
28' x 86' Pavilion
32' x 14' Pavilion
32' x 26' Pavilion
32' x 38' Pavilion
32' x 50' Pavilion
32' x 62' Pavilion
32' x 74' Pavilion
32' x 86' Pavilion
36' x 14' Pavilion
36' x 26' Pavilion
36' x 38' Pavilion
36' x 50' Pavilion
36' x 62' Pavilion
36' x 74' Pavilion
36' x 86' Pavilion
40' x 14' Pavilion
40' x 26' Pavilion
40' x 38' Pavilion
40' x 50' Pavilion
40' x 62' Pavilion
40' x 74' Pavilion
40' x 86' Pavilion

Asphalt Shingle Colors

Dual Black Asphalt Shingle Sample.

Dual Black

Dual Brown Asphalt Shingle Sample.

Dual Brown

Earthtone Cedar Asphalt Shingle Sample.

Earthtone Cedar

Weatherwood Asphalt Shingle Sample.


Harvard Slate Asphalt Shingle Sample.

Harvard Slate

Aged Redwood Asphalt Shingle Sample.

Aged Redwood

Charcoal Gray Asphalt Shingle Sample.

Charcoal Gray

Driftwood Asphalt Shingle Sample.


Dual Gray Asphalt Shingle Sample.

Dual Gray

Rubber Slate Shingle Colors

Vinyl Gazebo w/ Pagoda Roof.
Dark Gray Rubber Slate Roofing Sample.

Dark Gray

Green Rubber Slate Roofing Sample.


Red Rubber Slate Roofing Sample.


Other Roof Options

Gazebo Roof with No Shingles.

No Shingles

Metal Roof Options

(Not available with Bell Roof)

Example of 5V Metal Roofing.

5V Metal

Example of Standing Seam Metal Roofing.

Standing Seam Metal

Bronze Metal Roofing Color Sample.


Blue Metal Roofing Color Sample.


Red Metal Roofing Color Sample.


Green Metal Roofing Color Sample.



Introducing the Palatian Wooden Pavilion

Our Largest Pavilion Ever – The Perfect Commercial Sized Pavilion!

Palatian (pa-lay-shun): Resembling a palace in being spacious and splendid.


• Multiple Configurations: Standard configuration features an open gable roof (similar to our Alpine Pavilion), 7K gutters, and custom laser cut brackets. Closed gable configuration features a tongue & groove closed gable roof, pent roof, 7K gutters, 5k gutters on pent roof, and custom laser cut brackets. Scissor Truss configuration features a vaulted ceiling, pre-engineered scissor truss, tongue & groove gables and ceiling, 7K gutters, 5k gutters on pent roof, and custom laser cut brackets.

• Exponential Length: The Palatian wooden pavilion offers four standard sizes in width: 28′, 32′, 36′, & 40′. The length of this structure is available in multiples of 12′ and can extend well past 80′ long.

• Perfect Commercial Sized Pavilion: For use as pool shade, event space, commercial vehicle port, recreational shelter, hospitality outdoor space, and more!

• Installation & Delivery: All of our prices include installation. We also offer footer installation with our own in-house crew. Please specify in your quote if you think you need footers, and a sales consultant will discuss the process with you. Delivery is an additional fee based on your location. Please contact a sales associate for pricing.

Visit our store locations to see all of Country Lane’s structures on display!

Stain Colors

Golden Oak Stain Sample.

Golden Oak

Cedar Stain Sample.


Canyon Brown Stain Sample.

Canyon Brown

Mushroom Stain Sample.


Cinder Stain Sample.


Mahogany Stain Sample.


Sepia Brown Stain Sample.

Sepia Brown *NEW*

Sky Grey Stain Sample.

Sky Grey *NEW*


Engineer Stamp.

All standard rectangle pavilions are built to spec and meet a standard engineered specification of 140 mph winds and a 45 lb. snow load.

Engineer Drawing.

With an additional cost, we offer construction plans that are certified and sealed by a licensed engineer in your state. Sealed drawings are included for both you and your township.

Electrical Package

Electrical Package Switch and Outlet.
Extra Electrical Receptacle.

Extra Receptacle

Your electrical package will include an outdoor switch and a 15amp outdoor receptacle outlet. A wire is typically installed from the base of the post to the top of the pavilion so you can add a light or ceiling fan. You will need a certified electrician to make all connections inside the electrical boxes and to your home.

Superior Posts

Adds an element of refinement.

Stained Superior Post.


Vinyl Cupola.


(Not available on Grand Estate & Santa Fe pavilions)

Wooden Square Cupola.

Grand Estate Cupola

(Not available on Alpine & Santa Fe pavilions)

EZShade Curtain

EZ Shade Curtain on Alpine Pavilion.

Curtain Colors

Dakota Stripe Clay EZShade Curtain Fabric Sample.

Dakota Stripe Clay

Dakota Stripe Blueprint EZShade Curtain Fabric Sample.

Dakota Stripe Blueprint

Stucco EZShade Curtain Fabric Sample.


Burlap EZShade Curtain Fabric Sample.


Navy Pier EZShade Curtain Fabric Sample.

Navy Pier

Metallica Smoke EZShade Curtain Fabric Sample.

Metallica Smoke

Black EZShade Curtain Fabric Sample.


Samples are representational only and cannot be guaranteed to be an exact color match.
Visit our store to see actual fabric samples.

Caring For Your Poly Furniture is Easy!

If you are looking for maintenance free furniture, our outdoor poly furniture is the right choice! Unlike most outdoor furniture, our poly furniture will not rot, rust or fall apart from wear, and is built to endure harsh weather. Cleaning your poly furniture regularly with a nonabrasive soap and water ensures the continued beauty of your furniture.

While most colors will only need to be cleaned a few times a year, colors like white, gray, or ivory and other lighter colors will need to be cleaned more often to maintain their original beauty. For the lighter colors, rub the furniture with a soft bristle brush and rinse off with warm, clean water. If needed, you can use a high-pressure washer; be sure to hold the nozzle more than 12″ away from the furniture when using the pressure washer.

If your poly furniture is properly cared for, you will be able to enjoy your poly furniture for many years.