Traditional Vinyl A-Frame Pavilion

If you are looking for the traditional look without the maintenance of wood, then the vinyl traditional a-frame pavilion is the perfect fit for you!

Built strong for superior wind-resistance, our vinyl pavilions feature engineered headers, a roof with double main rafters and arched braces for added stability.

The roof comes standard with architectural asphalt shingles. Our traditional a-frame pavilions are engineered to withstand 140 mph winds and 45 pounds per square foot snow loads.

Use our exclusive, online pavilion builder to select your desired features and submit for a quote!

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Size & DescriptionNumber of PostsKit Price (Includes Assembly)
10x10 Pavilion4$8,690
10x12 Pavilion4$9,140
10x14 Pavilion4$9,520
10x16 Pavilion4$9,970
10x18 Pavilion4$10,470
10x20 Pavilion6$12,610
12x10 Pavilion4$9,540
12x12 Pavilion4$9,750
12x14 Pavilion4$10,260
12x16 Pavilion4$10,750
12x18 Pavilion4$11,290
12x20 Pavilion6$13,750
12x24 Pavilion6$14,690
14x10 Pavilion4$10,550
14x12 Pavilion4$10,780
14x14 Pavilion4$11,010
14x16 Pavilion4$11,600
14x18 Pavilion4$12,160
14x20 Pavilion6$14,910
14x24 Pavilion6$16,010
14x28 Pavilion6$17,120
16x10 Pavilion4$12,240
16x12 Pavilion4$12,510
16x14 Pavilion4$12,780
16x16 Pavilion4$13,030
16x20 Pavilion6$16,360
16x24 Pavilion6$17,530
16x28 Pavilion6$18,810
20x10 Pavilion4$22,730
20x12 Pavilion4$23,120
20x14 Pavilion4$23,520
20x16 Pavilion4$23,910
20x20 Pavilion6$24,780
20x24 Pavilion6$26,430
20x28 Pavilion6$28,120
20x32 Pavilion8$32,290
20x36 Pavilion8$34,180
20x40 Pavilion8$38,070

Standard Architectural Asphalt Shingle Colors*

*Asphalt shingles come standard on all gazebos

Optional Rubber Slate Shingles

Rubber Slate Shingles

Optional Metal Roofing

Regular Ribbed Metal Roof

Regular Ribbed Metal Roof

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing Seam Metal Roof